Power of Selection
Your Healthy and Quality Lifestyle

The secret to living longer and happier is maintain healthy habits. The day-to-day choices you make influence whether you maintain vitality as you age or develop life-shorting illnesses and disabling conditions. The biggest hurdle is inertia which it’s not easy to change ingrained habits. Modern lifestyle also makes it even more difficult to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle when temptation and distraction are everywhere. SACHMIS believes living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be a sacrifice. You have a choice which health is, to some extent, a personal matter. SACHMIS offerings empower your selection in a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable, personal, and meaningful to you. SACHMIS Selection Online offers Premium, Exclusive, and By-Invitation Only products, bringing selective products from valuable and quality sources to help you enact healthy changes in your life without sacrificing your joys.

Featured Product

Your most reassuring water option – Japanese Fine Water 13℃

It’s bottled at the water source, untouched by man, brining the most natural mineral water directly from Mount Aso in Kumamoto city, Japan.



+ ancient Egyptian concept of sekhem, indicating power in action. + name of a goddess, personification of an active power that establishes divine order, purifies any distortion, and restores life. The power of life in nature manifests by itself. In human beings we discover it by enacting our power in selection, by becoming more true and better selves. The Mighty Lady greets every victory in the inner battle.