Mineral Water 600ml x 24 bottles

$NT1,080 $NT696

  • Mineral water from Japan.
  • Perfect for everyday hydration and on-the-go
  • 1 box of 24 bottles * 600mL (20.2oz) bottle
  • Buy 10 boxes, get a discount of 3%
  • Buy 20 boxes, get a discount of 5%
  • Carton box’s dimension 40*23.5*26, net weight around 15kg

It started thousands of years ago from one of the world’s largest active volcano, Mount Aso in Kumamoto city, Japan. With pristine rain water dripping on the top of magnificent Aso, groundwater flowing from the outer rim of Mount Aso to Kumamoto City takes a 20-year journey. During this period, minerals and carbonic acid are dissolved naturally into the groundwater. The blessings of nature brings water unrivaled taste without adding anything.

Benefit from Aso's mineral water

There is no water purification plant in Kumamoto because the water contains a just right amount of minerals such as calcium, alkaline, silica, germanium, strontium, and iron. Those minerals are gentle to the human’s body, which will help you increase your productivity. 

Mt. Aso’s water has a good balance of mineral composition thanks to its natural filtering through the geological strata. It is ideal water for the whole family. It is also a perfect selection for athletes during and after heavy work-out, to recover the lost mineral and water. The weak alkalinity (pH=8.0) makes Aso water ideal for people with constant heart burns and sensitive digestive system. 

Among the “100 Famous Water Selections” selected by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, Aso water is directly bottled from underground mineral-rich water without treatment. It brings the excellent quality mineral water with natural flavor to the consumer at room temperature.

The supreme quality volcanic mineral water from Mount Aso is considered soft water since water hardness is only 36mg/L. Soft water will eliminates the taste of minerals but can still keep organic nutrients. Cooking with soft water will helps ingredients stay true to their taste.