Hydrogen Water Generator


  1. The bottle body is made of TRITAN (without bisphenol A)
  2. The hydrogen water generator is fashionable, lightweight, portable and controlled under Japanese high technologies.
  3. The temperature of hydrogen water can be changed, suitable when you drink warm water in winter. It can reach 60oC.
  4. Hydrogen can be produced 50-60 times per one charge, and 15-20 times for general products
  5. There are more than 400 hydrogen production holes and the hydrogen content is 900-1450ppb.

What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is an element that is made from a single electron and proton. It is one of the most abundant elements in the universe and the smallest molecules found in nature.
Hydrogen is extremely penetrating and difficult to store. However, the hydrogen in dissolved water is easily absorbed by human body.

What is Free Radicals?

Free radicals are highly active, unstable and short-lived compounds. Because they are unstable, they will often seek out other molecules in order to stabilize themselves. As a result, they would cling to vital cells in human body, body’s damage could occur. The damage that free radicals happen on human body is called oxidative stress, which will cause tissues and cells to lose their normal functions, or even damage DNA.
Everyday we are exposed to ultraviolet rays, smoking, drinking, stress, air pollution, food additives, etc., which are the main cause of oxidation and lead to excessive production of free radicals. Cytotoxic free radicals are the source of all diseases and aging.

The benefit of Hydrogen

Current research shows that hydrogen can act as a selective antioxidant and protect the body from the harmful free radicals.

  1. Hydrogen can selectively reduce the free radicals and protect DNA and protein from oxidation.
  2. Drinking hydrogen-rich water can protect human body from gastric damage caused by oxidative stress
  3. Drinking hydrogen-rich water might help decrease cholesterol, enhance glucose tolerance and insulin resistance. It is heart-friendly and also help to promote better circulation.
  4. Hydrogen water is also a promising potential solution for people with allergic, inflammatory conditions such as eczema. It seems to help balance body’s immune response.
  5. A proper intake of water is necessary to maintain a healthy skin. Hydrogen water is a good choice for protecting the skin and neutralizing the harmful effect of UV-rays.